Compliance and Risk Management

Our team of compliance and risk management professionals assists our clients to stay compliant with regulatory requirements. Our services include assisting companies with review of internal controls and governance, conducting checks on compliance with specific regulatory requirements, training on specific regulatory requirements, conducting anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing know-your-client checks, and provision of regulatory updates.

Our list of services includes:

Review of Internal Controls (including IT) and Corporate Governance

Review of policies and procedures.

  • To identify key controls of processes.

  • To assess whether controls are suitably designed to prevent or detect errors, fraud or non-compliance with regulations or policies and procedures.

  • Identify control gaps and weaknesses of key processes.

Recommend implementation of specific controls to enhance the control framework

Assist to establish appropriate corporate governance measures and risk management processes to ensure effective oversight and accountability.

Preparation for Internal Audit

Check if relevant policies, controls, and / or procedures exist to satisfy regulatory and corporate policy requirements.

  • Statutory requirements
    • Personal Data Protection Act 2012 in Singapore.
    • Regulations of the Monetary Authority of Singapore
      • Securities and Futures Act 2001
      • Payment Services Act 2019
      • Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Regulations
      • Business Continuity Management Guidelines
      • Outsourcing Guidelines
      • Technology Risk Management Guidelines

    • Corporate policy requirements
      • Internal Controls (including IT internal controls)
      • Corporate Governance
      • Cybersecurity Controls
      • Business Continuity Management
      • Enterprise Risk Management

    Check that key controls are documented.

    Recommend areas for improvement.

    Compliance Support Services for Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Licensees

    Assist to obtain prior approval from MAS for matters such as appointment of CEO / director, acquisition of interests, issuance of preference shares, etc.

    Assist to submit notifications to MAS on matters such as resignation of CEO / director, cessation of business, change of name, change of principal place of business, etc.

    Assist to complete statutory Forms and surveys for submission to MAS.


    Provide training programs for employees on compliance matters such as Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism regulations.

    Provide training for employees and management on the requirements of Business Continuity Management Guidelines issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

    Know Your Client Services

    Assist to conduct simplified due diligence checks such as Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism checks.

    Assist to conduct comprehensive due diligence checks and compilation of Risk Management Reports on entities and / or individuals.

    Regulatory Updates

    Provide regulatory updates and advise if additional controls and / or procedures need to be implemented for compliance.